Shopify Sync App

Hi I have develop a Shopify Sync APP which will sync your Shopify Product or variant’s Quantity, Price and Compare at price with your wordpress site’s products. Shopify can be of any type (Simple or Variants) products, as well as on wordpress side Products can be Simple or Variable Products. If any one interested in […]

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Introduction to javascript

Today we will see what is javascript? Javascript is basically a client side scripting language, which means it run and execute at client side. We can easily see any javascript code by Ctrl+U see the page source. Syntax: Javascript code run inside ‘script’ tag <script>alert("This is javascript demo..")</script> Some javascript get element functions:


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Hello Guys, I am going to start on writing some cool blogs on Twig template engine, Twig basically a PHP template engine which is more faster and flexible and we can integrate Twig into any CMS or Framework. So please keep reading my blogs and i will come with some cools Twig basics soon..

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