WordPress ajaxurl not defined issue

If you know how to use ajax with wordpress plugins then surely have already faced this issue which says ajaxurl not defined so how we can solve this issue. The solution of this issue is very simple

thanks and happy programming

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Run shortcode in widgets

Some time we need to call some type of shortcodes in our wordpress widgets to solve our purpose but in wordpress by default we cant run shortcode’s in widgets. So to run shortcodes in widgets we need to add below code in our current theme’s functions.php file.

Just open your site from FTP and […]

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WordPress WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin

WordPress WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. This plugin is simple Web Optimization using caching of webbrowser, wordpress page cache management, object, database, minify and content delivery network support. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by decreasing site load time reduce the site download time and this plugin also provide the Content […]

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How to upgrade wordpress core manually?

Upgrade your wordpress site manually with following steps: 1.Connect with your site via FTP client. 2.And then take a backup of your wp-content and wp-includes folders. 3.And then download a latest copy of wordpress from wordpress site : to download latest copy of wordpress click here: Download WordPress 4.6.1 4.Replace the wp-content and wp-includes folders […]

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WordPress wp_signon not working

If you are using wordpress wp_signon function in wordpress plugins then you may have this issue where your code unable to set the user login info for wordpress to use: Lets take one example:

If you use above function code then your page will be refresh but user will not be able to login […]

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