What is Heartbleed ?

Heartbleed is a openssl virus.OpenSSL is open-source encryption standard used by the sites now a days on the web that users wants to transmit and want data to be secure. Sometimes one computer want to check that there is still a computer at the other end to make a secure connection, so it will send […]

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WordPress remove srcset from image tag.

If you are working with wordpress as a designer or developer then you must have this issue where wordpress images are not of full width even by using:

Which can be a headache where designing is the most import part in site. But don’t worry we have solution of this issue by using:


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Hashing your password

With the help of php we can encode our passwords to make them more secure as compare to non hashed passwords. Most of the developer simply save the password in the database with any type of encryption which leads to security risk. Mostly used hashing types are as following:

From above hashing method sha512 […]

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