Introduction to javascript

Today we will see what is javascript? Javascript is basically a client side scripting language, which means it run and execute at client side. We can easily see any javascript code by Ctrl+U see the page source. Syntax: Javascript code run inside ‘script’ tag <script>alert("This is javascript demo..")</script> Some javascript get element functions:


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Jquery Reload Page On Selection

Hi Sometimes we may need to reload a page when someone make some select from a select box. But may times its a headache if we dont have correct code to make it working. So i just created a simple Jquery function which will reload your page whenever someone will any selection.

I hope […]

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WordPress ajaxurl not defined issue

If you know how to use ajax with wordpress plugins then surely have already faced this issue which says ajaxurl not defined so how we can solve this issue. The solution of this issue is very simple

thanks and happy programming

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