Shopify Sync App

Hi I have develop a Shopify Sync APP which will sync your Shopify Product or variant’s Quantity, Price and Compare at price with your wordpress site’s products. Shopify can be of any type (Simple or Variants) products, as well as on wordpress side Products can be Simple or Variable Products. If any one interested in […]

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Jquery Reload Page On Selection

Hi Sometimes we may need to reload a page when someone make some select from a select box. But may times its a headache if we dont have correct code to make it working. So i just created a simple Jquery function which will reload your page whenever someone will any selection.

I hope […]

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Get video thumbnail url from youtube

How we can download a video thumbnail from youtube: We can download youtube video thumbnail from youtube with two ways. One we can use youtube api or we can use youtube image url and get thumbnail from there. Youtbe returns video thumbnail in Nine formats. 1.) This video thumbnail url will return image […]

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Get video thumbnail url from vimeo

How can we download video thumbnail from video. Video does not provide my direct url of video thumbnails like youtube. Video creates a .XML file of each video and this XML file contain the video information. For example if you want video information then first of all we need video ID and then LIKE […]

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What is natcasesort() php function?

The natcasesort() function is basically used to sort an array using a case insensitive ‘natural order’ .The syntax for this function is :

this function takes an array as input and it return TRUE or FALSE. Lets take one example and see the difference between normal sort() and natcasesort() php function.

Output: sort() […]

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